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In order to summarise and index a particular website and web page; search engines scan the page content and use the written content to figure out what is being discussed. If there were only a few sites to look at, then having your site appear near the top of the relevant search engine results wouldn't be too difficult, however, ther are likely to be hudred, if not thousands of page that might partially match the search and choosing the best ones is going to depend on more that just having the right words on a page

Making Your Pages Relevant
Search engine algorithms help sift out sites that are less likely to have the breadth of information rerquired for a truly relevant web page or website. With thousands of sites to compare across a variety of topics; search engine have become extremely sophisticated at determining what phrases are likely to be found together on a relevant page; then it can look at the importance the website, itself, places on particular pages and phrases. By comparing all the relevant sites and pages it is possible to rank them in order of likely relevance to the search phrase. You can help improve relevance by writing web copy that covers the page topic in both breadth and depth without trying to just stuff keywords on a page

Search Engine Friendliness
By choosing titles and topics carefully and using the appropriate page markup to allow the search engines to gauge the page subject and importance correctly you can help search engines to index your site and help improve your chances of being most relevant for a particular search as well as showing up more often for similar and related searches

The Old Tyne Bridge

Ye Olde Tyne Bridge

This account was published in 1887 preceding the opening of the Royal Jubilee Exhibition for Queen Victoria
The Old Bridge Over The Tyne at Newcastle

The Castle Keep

The Castle Keep 1784

Could the Castle at Newcastle have served ice cold beer in Summer or become a windmill for baking floor?
The Castle Keep at Newcastle

The Black Gate of Newcastle

The Black Gate 1845

From majestic defence of Newcastle to a bunch of tenement slums; the Black Gate has had mixed fortunes
Discover Newcastle's Black Gate

The Castle Garth

Castle Garth-Castle Keep, Newcastle

There was a loophole in the law in Newcastle that allowed people to escape justice and enabled unlicensed Newcastle tradesmen somewhere to work: Northumberland within the Newcastle boundary
Discover the Secrets of Castle Garth

Mark Akenside

Mark Akensde

Born to a butcher and later to become a famous British Poet; Mark Akenside suffered an accident in his father's shop that would influence his future
How does a Butcher's Son become a famous poet and surgeon

The Maison Dieu

Hutch from The Maison Dieu

Established in 1412; The Maison Dieu was set up by Roger Thornton and then use was granted for the building to be utilised for wedding receptions
The Maison Dieu and Hutch

Mosley Street and Dean Street - A brief History

Stephen Kemble

Joseph Swan, Inventor of the electric light bulb had a photographic business with his colleague Mr Mawson. Joseph Kemble with the actors and theatre goers could tell many a tale of the old Theatre Royal
A History of Dean Street and Mosley Street

The Tower on The Bridge

Tower on The Tyne Bridge

After the flood of 1771; a coffin and skeleton were found in Bird's Tower
A Tower on The Old Tyne Bridge